Make Penn State part of your summer plans

Whether you’re staying close to campus, returning home, or traveling the world, you can earn Penn State credits this summer.

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Why Penn State this summer?

By offering classroom and online learning, Penn State makes it easy for you to earn the credits you need.

Summer courses are a great way to:

stay on track for graduation
catch up on degree requirements
give extra attention to a challenging course

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Select General Education courses available online at a special summer rate

Resident and nonresident students can take these popular courses online.
When registering, please choose one of the courses followed by the class number listed below in order to receive the special summer rate. View the tutorial on how to add a class in LionPATH.

CAS 100B and 100C
Effective Speech
5640, 5641, 5664 to 5672, 5711 to 5718

Introduction to C++ Programming

EGEE 101
Energy and the Environment

EGEE 102
Energy Conservation for Environmental Protection

ENGL 202A, 202C, 202D
Effective Writing
5857, 6092 to 6095, 5371 to 5373

Global Parks and Sustainability

GEOG 128
Geography of International Affairs

GEOG 160
Mapping our Changing World

MATH 110
Techniques of Calculus I

Introductory Psychology
4843, 4844

Introductory Sociology
4892 to 4894

STAT 200
Elementary Statistics
6518 to 6526

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Explore these unique learning experiences and add credits toward your degree

Language Institute at Penn State

Language Institute at Penn State

Earn up to 12 language credits during the summer.

Summer Study Abroad Programs

Summer Study Abroad Programs

Faculty-led, world-focused — study abroad the summer!

Exploring Indigenous Ways of Knowing Among the Ojibwe

Exploring Indigenous Ways of Knowing Among the Ojibwe

A unique cross-cultural experience for students, including a field experience in northern Minnesota.

Teaching ESL Certificate Program

Teaching ESL in Ecuador

Earn an ESL certificate through online and weekend courses, plus five weeks in Ecuador.

If you have any questions about scheduling your courses, contact the Summer Session Office.