Make Penn State part of your summer plans

You can take select courses online at a special summer rate, whether you’re staying close to campus, returning home, or traveling the world.

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Why Penn State this summer?

By offering courses online at a special summer rate, Penn State makes it easy and affordable for you to earn credits for your degree.

Summer courses are a great way to:

stay on track for graduation
catch up on degree requirements
give extra attention to a challenging course

Take these select courses online at a special summer rate

Summer 2019 rates and applicable courses

$555 per credit hour if you have completed 59 or fewer credits
$596 per credit hour if you have completed 60 or more credits

Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making

CAS 100B
Effective Speech (GWS)

CAS 100C
Effective Speech (GWS)

CE 340
Structural Analysis

CE 360
Fluid Mechanics

CHE 210
Introduction to Material Balances

CHE 220
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Introduction to C++ Programming

Computer Systems Literacy

DS 220
Data Management for Data Sciences

EBF 200
Introduction to Energy and Earth Sciences Economics

EBF 473
Risk Management in Energy Industries

EBF 483
Introduction to Electricity Markets

EE 211
Electrical Circuits and Power Distribution

EE 212
Introduction to Electronic Measuring Systems

EMCH 211

EMCH 213
Strength of Materials

Effective Writing (GWS)

Effective Writing (GWS)

Effective Writing (GWS)

GD 100
Introduction to Graphic Design

GEOG 430
Human Use of Environment

GEOG 431
Geography of Water Resources

Natural Disasters

IE 305
Product Design, Specification and Measurement

IE 323
Statistical Methods in Industrial Engineering

IST 140
Introduction to Application Development

MATH 110
Techniques of Calculus (GQ)

MATH 140
Calculus with Analytic Geometry (GQ)

MATH 141
Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (GQ)

ME 300
Engineering Thermodynamics

ME 320
Fluid Flow

STAT 200
Elementary Statistics

To receive the special summer rate, choose the campus University Park (UP) and the location SUMMERSESS when searching for classes in LionPATH then enroll in one of the web sections listed.
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If you have any questions about scheduling your courses, contact the Summer Session Office.

Spend your summer with Penn State

First-year Students begin their time at University Park

First-year Students

A summer start is an opportunity to begin your time at University Park in a smaller environment.

Current Students can enroll in courses at Penn State

Current Students

Summer courses offer the opportunity to catch up, to get ahead, or to add to what you are learning.

Visiting students experience Penn State

Visiting Students

Penn State summer courses are open to visiting students from other colleges and universities as well as people not currently enrolled in degree programs.